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Hey! My name is Nik McRae – I am a Web Designer & Paid Media Strategist. My passion is providing a digital marketing experience you can trust.

For years I have been working in marketing and have seen the good, bad, and ugly. I have talked to business owners who have poured their life into their business, only to be misled and eventually burned by a so-called “marketing expert.” This has led me to run a local, boutique style digital marketing agency that is centered around relationshiptransparency, and trust.

I have grinded as a solo freelancer as well as worked with large marketing firms – so I have seen the full gambit of what a successful marketing partnership looks like. Now, as an agency owner myself, my goal is to provide local business owners with a marketing partner they know and trust. Most of my clients have my personal number and we tend to chat about more than just the marketing strategy – And that’s how I like it.

If this sounds like a marketing partnership you would be interested in – then go ahead and schedule a call below!

Nik McRae

Owner, Digital Native

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